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our complete kits contain the pre-assembled and tested device – you just need a few minutes to complete the assembly. some technical details on the parts we use to build the systems:

  • housing, made from water jet cut 3 mm thick aluminum and anodized in black, 20 mm Bosch profiles and a stainless steel base plate
  • precision machined delta robotic system, aluminum, clear anodized
  • syringe pump system with replaceable syringe
  • motorized 6-port distribution valve (3 spray solutions + wash)
  • pressure regulator and switching valve
  • spray head, motor control board
  • web server, camera, SD card with software for web interface
  • LAN interface (10/100) and WLAN Access Point
  • all tubing and cables; power supply 12V/5A

assembly and operation is simple by design – please have a look at this Manual


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